How it Works

To participate in the CAC4Charities program just fill out a simple claim and settlement donation form for each Settlement Donation Opportunity. Please visit our Settlement Donation Opportunity page for current settlements to determine if there is an applicable opportunity for you. Once you’ve chosen a settlement that you feel you would be eligible for, review the brief qualifications and fill out the corresponding claim and donation form.

CAC Recovery will file the claim on your behalf. For small claims, often no additional supporting materials are required. However, if you have a large claim, you may be required to supply supporting documents so please read through the requirements thoroughly.

Filing Forms

Claim and settlement donation forms are uniquely tailored to each settlement. CAC4Charities participates only in cases where the claims process is simple and efficient for the charities and its donors. To make the most of your claim and assure its acceptance by the Settlement Administrator, it is important to complete the claim and donation form accurately and promptly. Claims can cover specific products and activity that occurred over periods of ten years or more.

Meeting Deadlines

In most settlement cases, there is a deadline to file for compensation. In order to expedite your claims recovery and therefore your charitable giving, we suggest completing the claim and settlement donation form promptly.

Donating Your Settlement

You’ll notice for each claim and donation form you complete we’ll ask you to confirm that you are giving up your right to the settlement amount and instead allowing CAC4Charities to collect the settlement on your behalf and donate the funds  to the charity of your choice. We are unable to file your claim without having this release statement accepted.

What Happens Next?

Once your claim is filed and a settlement is allotted, we forward any monies received directly to the selected charity. Even if your projected settlement is only $20 that is $20 that will be combined with thousands of others donating their settlement proceeds to deserving charities that use the funds to help make a difference in the lives of others.

With CAC4Charities, we empower you to pay it forward, making a big impact regardless of the size of your individual claim.

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