Why We Do It

CAC4Charities is a unique program with one-of-a-kind opportunities to give back to those who most deserve it. Through CAC4Charities, individuals can donate proceeds awarded through class action settlements to deserving charities.

Giving Back

Every year, more than 1.5 million US non-profits enter the harsh and difficult world of fundraising for their causes. While the amount and number of donations is staggering, the financial and material needs for these foundations and charities continues to rise—keeping up with the demand for their charitable work is a tremendous task.

At the same time, many individuals through lack of awareness or other reasons forego receiving monies from class action settlement funds. We thought, why not provide a way for individuals to become aware of class action settlement funds and use those funds for great causes. We at CAC4Charities want to help our charitable partners by facilitating the collection of funds donated through our extraordinary program.

Making a Difference

The world is a wonderful place; filled with beautiful people, amazing testimonies, seemingly insurmountable odds, unspeakable tragedies, and unbelievable acts of bravery, courage, and sacrifice. CAC4Charities is determined to help those who need help the most by reaching out to individuals who see the world as we do, and who want to make an impact on even a single life.

Through CAC4Charities, small claims make big impacts.

What You Can Do

Through our program, we provide individuals with the opportunity to file for compensation benefits from class action settlements listed on our website, and donate to one of our partner charities. Donate now! Click HERE to see if you  have settlement funds to donate. Don’t see a donation opportunity pertaining to you? Please continue to visit the page for updates on new class action settlements and click here to add your name to our newsletter list to receive email updates on new donation opportunities.

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